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Am Ende des großen Traums

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Am Ende des großen Traums - Where the Rivers Flow North
Original Titel
Where the Rivers Flow North
 Vereinigte Staaten
Jay Craven
Michael J. Fox, Rip Torn, Tantoo Cardinal, Treat Williams, ill Raymond, George Woodard, Yusef Bulos, John Griesemer, Jeri Lynn Cohen, Rusty De Wees, Dennis Mientka, John Rothman, Sam Lloyd Sr., Bill Raymond
1 h 46 min
14 Juni 1993
In 1927, in Kingdom County, Vermont, a large dam is to be built, however, Noel Lord, a logger and cedar-oil harvester, won't give up his lifetime lease on land that will be flooded. The dam company increases its offer of cash, but Noel refuses. He asks for a trade: a stand of pines for his lease. The company rejects that deal, but offers to make Noel a Ranger in a new park. Noel, meanwhile, talks with his Indian mate, the spirited Bangor, about their moving to Oregon and buying a saw mill. She wants him to take the company's money, but he's pig-headed. Is Noel headed for confrontation with the company and the law, or can Bangor prevail to affect a truce?